DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM is a new test which detects and monitors antibiotic resistance in mastitis bacteria* on a dairy farm. The DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM test is performed on a bulk milk sample which we obtain directly from the tanker sample taken by your milk processor.


DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM provides knowledge of the antibiotic resistance status of a herd. This is the key to choosing the right treatments for your cows, and for monitoring and preventing the development and spread of resistance.


Antibiotic resistance is a serious animal AND human health problem. It occurs when bacteria are repeatedly exposed to antibiotics and they become harder to kill. The end result is a situation where we are powerless to cure infections which were once treatable with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are a valuable tool in the dairy industry, and when used responsibly, they are vital for the maintenance of good animal health and welfare. Bacterial resistance to these valuable treatments is a threat to the sustainability of dairy farming, and is perceived as a threat to human health. Dairy markets are conscious of the development of antibiotic resistance, and are nervous about the impacts on consumers.